Thursday, March 18, 2010

Passover Dairy Products Now Available

I've said in several of the recipe posts that national brands of some dairy products are usually available in kosher-for-Passover form.  Well, I was at the grocery store last night, and I spotted Breakstone's cottage cheese and salted and unsalted butter marked for Passover.  I assume this is available nationwide, not just in major Jewish population centers like New York and Philadelphia.  I took some pictures, so you can see what to look for.  I have not yet spotted Passover yogurt or cream cheese, but I'll keep an eye out and post the pictures when I find them.

I know that most people are not normally strict about kashrut (if they observe it at all), but many people who aren't strict (or observant) year-round are more strict at Passover, and this is certainly a painless way to observe a stricter standard.

Note the Hebrew "kosher for Passover" marking on the Breakstone's butter label.

On the cottage cheese, "Kosher for Passover" is printed in English on the seal. Note that the two tubs in front are marked Kosher for Passover, but two at the right side are not. Apparently the Passover stock is just beginning to hit the shelves, and non-Passover stock is still available.

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